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Corona Virus Health & Safety Policy

In regards to sanitation, cleanliness and the COVID-19 virus we are doing the following:

1. We stay up to date with all local, state and federal advisories.

2. We sanitize all floors, doorknobs, handles, and surfaces many times throughout the day. The products we use are Flow-Kem, Barbicide wipes, and industrial cleaners that kill 99.9% of viruses including COVID-19.

3. We spray yoga floors between each class with Flow-Kem (Hydrogen peroxide base. It’s amazing!)

4. We run Thieves essential oil diffuser between all classes

5. Washcloths are washed with Detergent, Bleach, and doused in Lavendar oil (a natural disinfectant.) Our teachers use hand sanitizer before passing out the towels.  So far, folks seem to want the cold towels so we will continue until it becomes a thing. You may always choose to not get one.)

6. We are limiting prop usage for the time being. Please bring your own mat, blocks, and straps or bolster. I will have mats and props available for purchase if you are currently without!

7. Lastly we will begin to limit class capacities to allow more room between mats. Currently 6 people may sign up for Hot classes, and 9 may sign up for non-heated classes in the main studio. There will be sticker markers on the floor to help you find where to place your mat.


What can you do to help?


1. Bring a yoga towel and mat to help catch your sweat. And wipe up after you leave class. We are currently limiting prop/towel usage since we cannot bleach the hot yoga towels.

2. If you’re sick, please stay home! If you are having cold or flu symptoms, it’s too late to “sweat it out”. Please stay home, rest and get better soon.

3. If you do need a tissue during class, please keep it on your mat and under your towel for sanitation.

4. Work on your immune system. Yoga is a great way to stay healthy year round! With that said, keep coming to yoga! Skipping yoga now is like shooting yourself in the foot before a marathon! Stay away from sugar, processed foods, sleep enough, take vitamins (esp C, D and B complex) and eat vitamin rich foods.

5. Come to class clean and maintain regular good hygiene.

6. We will not be doing hands on assists for a number of months.

7. Please wait until 10 minutes before your class to enter the room to allow us time for deep sanitization of the whole room.

8. Don’t Stress! (Or at least come to Yoga and DE-stress!!) Medical professionals agree that stress is one of the leading causes of weakened immune systems. Yoga will help boost your immune system.

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