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Everglow has a state of the art Yoga studio.  We teach all levels of Yoga, from beginner to advanced.  Join a morning class to brighten your day.  Join an evening class to relax before bed.

Our facility supports hot Yoga, cool Yoga, and more.

Private Yoga lessons are also available.

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Everglow Flow (Level 3)

If you like to move, this class is for you! Vinyasa Glow is a modern Yoga flow class. Sequences are repeated multiple times, giving you all the breath and body benefits of Yoga, in addition to achieving a cardiovascular component. Gradually progressing your practice towards one breath-one movement, achieves mind/body balance, and encourages a completely focused mind. Let the external fade away as you move, breathe, and be!

Ignite (Levels 1-2)

A slower paced strength building practice, based in the Hatha tradition. This class will help you achieve proper alignment, with a focus on conscious breathing throughout the class. Longer holds build strength and endurance, while conscious breath work empowers the body, and hones the mind.

Foundations (Level 1)

Here you will learn the basics of the physical postures in Yoga, which include proper alignment (for safety), as well as the breath work and meditation practices necessary to ground your physical practice. The importance of learning the basics of Yoga, cannot be stressed enough. Whether you are a beginner, (or even a seasoned practitioner!), you can always learn something from getting back to basics. And have a great time doing it! Our master teachers will show you how building a strong foundation will serve you for life!

Fusion (Levels 1-2)

Our Fusion classes are a beautiful blend of Joseph Pilates core exercises, plus Yoga for strength. No experience necessary! Come as you are and find your inner balance.

Ashtanga (short form, multi-level)

Developed in the 20th century, Ashtanga literally translates to “8 limbs” or the “8 fold path”. It is a rigorous structured practice, with a series of sequences that never change. All Vinyasa Yoga is based in this practice! If you wish to deepen your knowledge of Yoga, and grow your practice, learn the Primary and Secondary series of Ashtanga. Then take this practice with you wherever you go!

REjuvinate (all levels)

This is a combination of Yin (deep stretch) postures, leading into an incredibly restorative practice that includes the use of bolsters, sandbags, and many other useful props to help you unwind and de-stress. Self care is incredibly important, and that includes taking time to be still in the midst of our very busy lives. Yin practice will work out the kinks (both in body and the mind), and the Restorative practice will remind you how valuable you are, worthy of peace and self reflection. Let go at Everglow and find your bliss!

REstore (all levels)

This is an exclusively restorative class. With the use of many props including bolsters, blocks, blankets, and weighted sandbags…come find your bliss inside of stillness. Allow the weight of the world to wash away, as you release all that you cling to emotionally, physically, and mentally. Remember who you are, and let Everglow’s REstore class remind you of the peace that can only come from inside. Find your calm in the chaos. Peace doesn’t only exist when there’s no trouble! Tap back into peace, by harnessing the power of your breath, all while learning and remembering to be still. To let go. For most of us, stillness is a PRACTICE. It doesn’t come naturally. REstore will remind you how the power of stillness and breath, can replenish all aspects of our being.

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